COTW - Boss has a Loose Screw or Two

Most people probably think their bosses have a few loose screws from time to time.  And who can blame them?  The pressure of being the Big Cheese, or as we say in Kenya, Samaki Mkubwa (the Big Fish) can be enough to make you crack.  With the added stresses of Africa and supervising the McCropders, our Samaki, Jim Vanderhoof, finally succumbed.

It was a rainy evening at Tenwek when the phone rang.  I answered, and it was the lovely Mrs. Vanderhoof.  She and Jim happened to be visiting Tenwek for some important meetings (Jim's the country director for WGM).  Mrs. V stated that Samaki had been reading in bed when his glasses fell apart.  They observed that a screw had come loose, but was nowhere to be found.

Life's just not fair.  The boss just needed a little break from the madness while enjoying a leisurely read, and his glasses fell apart.

It was sometime later when he felt some mild eye irritation.  Upon inspection, they noted a foreign body in his eye.  Mrs. V exclaimed over the phone, "I think his missing screw landed in his eye, but he didn't realize it until now!?!"  I told her this was impressive and well worth a look.  Jess and I quickly prepared the camera in anticipation of this very blog.

Yes, I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Indeed, Jim's loose screw is identified!

After a little numbing drop, Jim's screw was retrieved.  He has since made a full recovery.  But still, one has to wonder how Samaki could not feel a screw hit his eye.  He must have grown some thick scales in his line of work to be able to blunt that kind of pain from his consciousness.  

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Sarah Lorenz said...

A well-told tale--with a proper happy ending.