Prayer Requests for Kibuye Hospital

Now that almost all of the McCropders have personally visited Kibuye Hospital in Burundi, we are burdened even more to pray and ask God to meet the needs there.  Please pray for...

1)  The current staff – that they would be united in purpose and zeal for reaching those in their community, bringing both physical healing and the good news of Jesus.  Pray that they would remain committed to providing quality healthcare despite long work hours and limited resources.
2)  An improved water system.  There is currently no running water at the hospital!
3)  The financial resources needed to expand.  Hope Africa University and Kibuye have put together a detailed 15-year plan for the hospital in order to facilitate its growth into a high-quality teaching hospital.  New buildings and updated medical equipment are both needed.
4)  Short-term workers (especially doctors) to fill the gap until we arrive.  There is currently only one full-time doctor (from the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and rotating doctors from Hope Africa University to teach all of the medical and nursing students.
5)  God to raise up workers (anesthetist, additional eye workers, another OB/Gyn, and others) who can help fill gaps.
6)  The chaplain and others who are dedicated to sharing Christ with the patients.
7)  Good administration and financial supervision.

Thank you for lifting these needs up in prayer!

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