Scouting season has officially started for the McCropders. I am writing this from Madagascar, where Heather and I are exploring an opportunity to work with a medical school in Mahajanga, which is on the northwest part of the island. We have had a very busy and fulfilling time thus far and we are amazed by the potential for training here.

The McLaughlins are leaving tomorrow for Burundi. There is a medical school in Bugumbura, which they are investigating. We all look forward to returning to Tenwek on Sunday and talking with each other about these places.

Cropseys are busy back at Tenwek holding down the fort, and also taking care of Anna. It wasn't feasible for her to come here with us, but I'm sure she and Elise are enjoying slumber parties every night.

We are praying for open minds and discerning hearts during these trips to know where would be the best place for us to go after our time at Tenwek.


The Galat Family Kenya Update said...

Praying for God's direction for you guys!

James & Alissa said...

Manao ahoana (you've probably heard this one by now in Madagascar!) We're praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Praying for much safety, health, wisdom, direction, and peace in your searching!

Linda S. said...

Continuing to pray for God's leading in your lives. He is always faithful at just the right time.