Beautiful Burundi

 by Michelle Wendler

Here are some candid photos of everyday life, and a few interesting facts along the way. Enjoy! 

Bringing home the bean harvest.

Vegetable market.

Banana transport.

Sewing the good old fashioned way without electricity. 

Chicken transport.

School time!

An ancient artifact I found at Kibuye buried underground. Well not too ancient, just maybe around 60 years old, to when the first missionaries lived here. It's part of a kerosene powered refrigerator.. 

Termite wings on the door step.

Local kids having fun.

Babysitting starts very early here. As early as 5 years old kids start to help care for the younger ones

Mr. Ezechiel, a man who works for us and has become like family.

Morning sunrise overlooking Kibuye valley.

Lake Tanganyika, the 2nd largest and 2nd deepest lake in the world.

Fishermen on Lake Tanganyika.
The house where Betty Ellen Cox lived, right outside our front gate! She was one of the first missionaries to come to Burundi. You can read her biography called "Simply Following"which is still sold on Amazon
"Take our picture!"

Found this on a trail...as is. 

An oil painting I did of a house in our village. The sunset brought out such beautiful colors.

Homemade toys are the best!

Coming home from the field.

The brick making process. They form the bricks out of the mud, then stack them into kilns and fire them in place.

I love the beautiful colors.

Came to church wearing her Sunday best. 

Morning fog.

Sunset behind the church.


David Durham said...

Thank you for these fantastic windows into Burundian life!
And greetings to the McLaughlins!

Diana said...

These are the most amazing photos! You could publish them.