New Teammates!

It seems like there are always comings and goings here at Kibuye, with the comings of course being more fun that the goings!  We wanted to take chance to introduce you to some of our new current/upcoming teammates.

First of all, we are really excited that after many years of prayer for an engineer to support Caleb Fader in his many crucial roles at the hospital, we were approached by an awesome couple that has been living in Bujumbura for the past few years.  Craig is a mechanical engineer and Vanessa has a masters degree in sustainable development.  They and their two young children, Wren and Bram, are currently raising support in the US and are hoping to arrive at Kibuye sometime in January.  If you'd like to help support them, click here.

Secondly, as we've posted about many times before, teachers are essential to our team's health and longevity here at Kibuye because they shoulder the majority of the task of our kids' education.  We have absolutely loved having our current three teachers here these past several years, and are thrilled to announce that one of them, Jenny Sorondo, has decided to stay on as a long term teammate and teacher.  She'll be needing extra support as well as she transitions from short term to long term (if you're interested, click here).  

Joining Jenny in fall of 2023 will be a new teacher, Meg Strickland.  Meg is currently teaching elementary school in Georgia and will be coming to work at KHA for two years.  You can support her here.  And finally, speaking of teachers, we are still in need of one more teacher starting in the fall of 2023 for (preferable) middle school ages if you or anyone you know is interested in hanging out with some totally awesome, fun kids (not that I'm biased).

And, while I'm mentioning new teammates, I also wanted to introduce Dr. Selina Thomas.  Selina arrived at Kibuye in June through the Samaritan's Purse Post Residency Program for two years (and hopefully longer!).  While we have had, and even currently now have, post residents serving at Kibuye before, Selina is our first primary care/non-surgeon.  She's residency trained in family practice, which means that she's very versatile.  We've enjoyed getting a chance to have her rotate around on our different services and she has been a great asset.  

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