Kibuye Weather Station

 by Michelle Wendler

We are happy to unveil the new Kibuye Weather station (thanks to a combined gift from our family to Carlan). 

So far the local weather and weather patterns have been sort of a mystery to us. But now we can see how much it is raining, how cold it gets at night, what the humidity is, the solar radiation, UV index, and more! It's been so much fun finally seeing all these stats, and we want to share them with you! All the data 24/7 is available online (except if we have an extended power outage). Feel free to check it out, and share it with those who might be interested in these sorts of things.

Link to the weather station:

Weather Station Link

Here are a few pictures to help you navigate the info you can get. Here's what the most current weather would look like:

Under charts and graphs you can see what the last 24 hours has been, or change the date (see example below) to see data for the last week, month, or even longer. We installed the station the end of February, so we only have been collecting data since then. 

If you like graphs:

If you like tiles:

Working hard during a thunderstorm:

And there are many more features, I just highlighted a few. And you can even download the Ambient Weather app (see picture below) to have the data easily accessible to your phone. 

One final note, if you ever check and there's no recent data, that means we don't have power and the battery backup has run out of juice as well. But once power is restored, then the data should be available again. 

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