(video)Team spotlight: Eunice John - A glimpse into her life at Kibuye

by Julie

It might seem somewhat obvious what the physicians on the team do at Kibuye.  Although in reality their life as a physician is very different than a "normal" physician in the US.  But still, we have found that explaining the medical work comes a bit more naturally.  The question that is more complicated to answer is, "So what do you do at Kibuye?"  A question directed to the wives and moms who are not physicians.  Somehow it doesn't quite cover it to say that we teach classes at our team's elementary school, or that we are also a "stay at home moms," or that we prepare meals, do laundry, and plan activities for our kids. It's so much more than that!

Recently our teammate, Eunice John, was asked by Samaritan's Purse to put together a video in which she shares a little bit of their story in medical missions and what her life at Kibuye looks like.  Ted and Eunice went through the World Medical Mission's Post-Residency Program at Kibuye for 2 years.  Long-time blog readers will remember that this is the same program that sent the McLaughlins, Cropseys, Faders, and Alyssa Pfister to Tenwek Hospital in 2009-2011.  

We are so thankful that the Post-Residency Program sent us the Johns, and that they decided to join the Kibuye team long term!  They are currently in California raising support and making preparations to return to Burundi later this year.  I know I am inspired by the woman that Eunice is.  She is a wonderful mom and a gifted teacher.  But more than that, her heart for the Lord shines through in all that she does.  I was encouraged by her video when she posed the question, "Are my kids missing out?"  I know I often ask myself that very question, as life in Burundi means no parks, museums, sports teams, take-out, English-speaking church, extended-family time, and other things.  It's easy to question our decision to live in Africa.  But Eunice said that the two things that don't change, no matter where you live, is the Mom and the child.  Our calling as a mom is still the same no matter where we live. (We just have fewer resources at our fingertips in Kibuye!)  Thank you, Eunice, for your inspiration and for sharing your heart with others.

Enjoy this video as it gives you a glimpse into missionary life for Eunice!



wayne 'n barb said...

How delightful to see n hear from you, Eunice in this wonderful sharing of your experiences and insights on your Joyful Journey with Jesus....
With your sweet attitude and great fellowship with Jesus it will continue to be the best life !! blessings. wayne ‘n barb

chicontn said...

Eunice, thanks so much for taking the time to help us understand your life as a missionary! God bless all of you. I have a strange question, as a regular watcher of Korean dramas in the states, what are a few of your favorite recent dramas?