Our Solid Rock

There are times when the suffering, sorrow and injustices of this world can seem overwhelming. Times when darkness and despair threaten to overtake our sense of peace. It’s at these times that I find it vital to remind myself of who God is. These are the truths that I have retold myself time after time and wanted to share with you here. Let us remember together the sovereign God we serve and worship him with grateful hearts for who he is, the solid rock on which we stand.
Let the images be a reminder of the grace of God shown to us in the beauty and detail of his creation. 

Words to the tune of "My God is an Awesome God".

My God is independent 
He doesn’t need you or me
Yet, he allows us to be 
A joy to his heart and bring him glory

My God is unchanging
He’s the same day to day
In his purposes, promises and ways
He’s the solid rock on which we stand

My God is eternal

Always was and always will be
He sees all time equally
And he knows what is to come

My God is omnipresent
He’s everywhere all the time
There’s no keeping secrets from Him
And, he’s always with me
My God has unity
His attributes mesh together perfectly
No wrath without mercy
And each act is of the whole person of God

My God is a spirit 
He has no physical form
We cannot measure him
He's like nothing we’ve seen or felt

My God is invisible
No one has ever seen God
But he does make himself known
through creation and his Son

My God is omniscient
He knows all things all the time
He knows all things possible
There’s nothing that God can learn
My God is wise
He makes the best decisions
to bring about the best results
by the best possible ways

My God is a God of truth
He does what he says he’ll do
His promises will come true
And we can trust in his word, the Bible

My God is a good God
All good comes from God
And, in his goodness
He was patience, mercy and grace

My God is a God of love,
Steadfast and eternally
Giving of himself to bless me,
As shown through Christ’s death on the cross

My God is a Holy God
He’s completely separate from sin
And he is devoted to
seeking his own honor

My God is a God of peace,
Not confusion or disorder
He acts continually
In well ordered and controlled ways

My God is righteous and just
He always does what’s right
Sin deserves punishment
Christ died on the cross for my sins

My God is a jealous God
He seeks to protect his own honor
For he alone is worthy
He doesn’t want idols in our hearts

My God is a God of wrath
He intensely hates all sin
As Christians we don’t fear God’s wrath
Christ bore God’s wrath for our sins

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Michelle Wendler said...

Wow. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful words.