More Goodbyes, More Hellos

(from Eric)

This past weekend, our team said goodbye to Nicole Christenson, who has been a loved and valuable part of our community and this work for more than the past two years.  From the beginning, she has earned the Ultimate Flexibility award, when her planned destination (South Sudan) was no longer an option, and she agreed to come and find a new and unexpected home at Kibuye.

In addition to her primary work with managing all of our project finances, she has filled countless niches, including (but not limited to) teaching classes at our school, hospital librarian, wedding attendee (and thus team representative), girls' sleepover host, book study leader, violinist, costume enthusiast, and general source of Kibuye social impetus.  And then there was that memorable time when she took a last minute flight to Kenya to play courier for a pump controller for our well.  Her departure was scheduled, and we pray God's blessing on her (and a certain someone) as life is forged anew in America.
Everyone loves Nicole!
The new tradition of the departing "Victory Tunnel"
As missionary life would have it, this goodbye is accompanied by some introductions.  Our old stomping grounds in Albertville, France, have welcomed two families who are stopping there (for a while) on their way to join us in Kibuye.

Ted and Eunice John hail from SoCal, and many of us know Ted from his days at UM medical school and then St Joe's residency.  They are their two super-cute boys (including a second Toby!) are currently in language school.  Ted is a general surgeon who came out to visit a few years ago.  Their bio page is up on the sidebar.
The John family
 Jesh and Julie Thiessen (et les enfants) are a Canadian couple.  Jesh is also a general surgeon (#surgicalhelpisananswertoprayer) and Julie previously taught primary school in Burundi.  In 2015, they came out for several months near the end of Jesh's surgical training.  They are also in language school with the Johns.  You can also find their bio on the sidebar.
The Thiessen family
Several cool things about these families joining us.  Obviously, we are thrilled to have more surgical help in the pipeline.  Both families are also coming for their first two years through the Post-Residency Program with Samaritan's Purse, where many of us started in Kenya, thus completing the great circle of life.

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Rebekah said...

It's exciting to see how God is answering your prayers for surgical help through these families! Praying God's blessings on then as they complete language school and adjust to life in both France and Burundi.