Guinea Pig Love

by Rachel

Well, in order to try and balance out all the depressing posts (from us) and news (from the US) these days, here's a fun little post to cheer everyone up.  :)  Kibuye has been overrun with guinea pigs!  Turns out some of our new teammates are animal lovers.  There was a fundraiser at a Bujumbura school...you know, some schools in America sell wrapping paper or magazines?  Well, in Burundi apparently they sell guinea pigs and rabbits.  Once the kids heard that guinea pigs were $1 and rabbits were $1.50, well, the orders started pouring in.  Darrell graciously brought back several cardboard boxes full of furry little bits of love.  Seven guinea pigs and one rabbit.

Caramel and Maggie

Alma and the "clan"
 The kids have had a blast feeding them grass, lettuce, carrots and even (surprisingly) pineapple.  They have used all the leftover bricks piled by the Baskin house to make little "homes" for the guinea pigs to run around in.
Guinea pig playpens/houses!

The rabbit palace
 And then, of course, what's the use of only one rabbit, who's a boy no less?  The last Buja trip brought back two more cute little baby bunnies, a big hit.  Hoping that these little ones last a long time and continue to bring much joy to the team!
Abi and a new baby bunny!

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