Happy Wedding Day!

Saturday, July 18, marked a historic day for the McCropders.  For the first time ever, our team added a teammate through marriage!  (usually we just grow by having kids)  Carlan married Michelle Rose, a sweet piano teacher from southern California who had come out to visit us (him) at Kibuye last January.  We are all so excited for both of them.  Flying back to the US from Burundi for the wedding would have been rather cost prohibitive, but fortunately there were a number of us in the US on HMA or vacation, so there was a nice turnout at the wedding.  It was great to have a Burundi reunion with the Sunds, Bonds, Cropseys, McLaughlins, and Abraham.

Not to be outdone, the half of our team still at Kibuye sent their own greetings.  They posted a bunch of photos on Facebook of all the many Burundians and muzungu who held up a "congratulations" poster for Carlan and Michelle.  A collage of those photos was featured in the slide show playing behind the bride and groom's table.  

AND the Kibuye folks made their own "wedding cake" to celebrate! :)  They were probably eating it a few hours before the bride walked down the aisle.

We will miss Carlan (and Michelle) for these next months as they enjoy married life and reapply to Serge.  They will hopefully be joining us again at Kibuye, but not for awhile.  In the meantime, many prayers and blessings go out to the new couple!  


Sandy said...

Celebrating this blessing of marriage!!!

benilhalk said...

I just love celebrations and is double fun when it is a family wedding. I had been to a similar event at wedding venue in Los Angeles and it was a wedding of my friend I had so much fun there.

Richard C. Lambert said...

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