KHA Year 2

by Heather

Kibuye Hope Academy has adjourned its second year of classes.  We hope that these 8 students will treasure as many happy memories of this year as we teachers will.  Memories like kid-organized parties in the guava tree fort during recess time.

And kindergarten science experiments.

Field trips

And everyday moments like math class.

Abraham's creative phys ed classes, usually held outside except during rainy season downpours.

The year-end Festival of Cultures celebration, at which the adult guests could identify very few of the flags that the kids can identify.

The girls will likely not forget Abraham's art class including this Michelangelo simulation.

Nor the chicken coop that he helped them build for their chicks as an extra-curricular wood shop learning opportunity. 

We hope the kids will remember some of the Kirundi that they have learned from our Kirundi teacher.

And they should certainly remember loads of laughter

and some silliness

and lots of love.

We are thankful for the joy of teaching and learning with these kids, even when their energy far exceeded ours.  
We are also very grateful that our fabulous primary teacher plans to return for another year here at KHA. We are blessed.


Sandy said...

Those pictures and memories are extraordinary! I love the flags and all the creative activities! It's amazing what can be accomplished in a year!!! The math-class picture made me laugh. That little guy looked like he was silently pleading, "Get me outta here!"

Congratulations on a year well done!

Faders said...

I LOVE this blog Heather! It's so neat to see all those wonderful highlights of the school year. I know it's been a lot of hard work on you teachers, so I say, "Well Done Heather and the rest of you!" That is a big accomplishment. Sounds like you're also keeping a good summer routine so that's wonderful. I love you!
- Bethany