Pray For Burundi

As for everything, our hope for Burundi is in God.  For the future peace, light and prosperity of Burundi, we are, as always, dependent on God.  Thankfully, he is good, and he is faithful.

And so we pray for Burundi.

From now until the end of the summer, Burundi is in a particularly challenging situation, because it is election season, which, especially in Africa, creates opportunities for increased tension but also for increased peace and unity, and obviously we want the latter to be the outcome for Burundi this summer.

Holding to this belief in the importance of prayer, we are enlisting the prayers of anyone who would join us.

Quite simply, if you would commit to pray every day for Burundi from now until the end of the summer, then please email us at drsmcl@gmail.com, and we will send you a weekly update with specific prayer requests.

Join with us and millions of Burundians in praying for this wonderful country and its wonderful people.


Linda said...

Count us in!!

Pat Rees, MD said...

Dearest missionaries in Kibuye, I have been anxiously reading all I can on BBC and reading the blogs by Simon Guilebaud about the situation there. My heart is so heavy for the people of Burundi and especially those I know from HAU. I pray that you will all be safe there in the Up Country area, but I am sure you have plans if things begin to look "un-safe". Just know that I am holding you us in prayer and think of all of you often. I so appreciate your work and your sacrifice to help the people of Burundi. Praying--- Pat Rees, MD