What happened to September?

What has been happening at Kibuye these days?  September rushed by, full of adventures like these:

1.  Welcoming new friends.  We are so happy to have a teacher with us for a year (she is wonderful) as well as an anesthesiologist (réanimationist) and his family (they are all wonderful).  They are settling in well here, and the McCropder kids are thrilled with their new playmates.  Here you see some of them introducing their friends to the local dirt, which substitutes for Playdoh after a good rain.

2.  Starting school for the kids.  They love their teachers, and thus far we're off to a great start with classes at Kibuye Hope Academy.  Here's the 2nd-4th grade science class in the schoolroom, and below is the kindergarten science class studying the wind with their paper weather vane.

3.  Recovering from the medi-vac adventure (scroll down to Jessica's blog post from 9/17 if you missed it).  Jessica is doing well now 2+ weeks after her back surgery in Nairobi, and we continue to thank God for her recovery.  Jessica's mom is here helping, which is great timing since the Cropseys aim to move into their almost-finished new house this week.

And the October adventures are soon to begin.  Carlan returns to Kibuye this week, bringing with him a friend from Ann Arbor who is coming to help out for 6 months.  We are eager to welcome them, and we're looking forward to an eventful October as well.

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