Leaving Albertville

by Rachel

And now we come to the end of all things here in Albertville.  The tests have come and gone and (praise God) been passed.  There was a graduation ceremony.  We have been slowly saying goodbye to our favorite things (Beaufort cheese, warm bread from the bakery, Conflans, the twisty park...)  And our teammates have started fleeing the country.  What a year it's been!

The last few weeks our teammates have enjoyed parapenting (jumping off a mountain strapped to a guide and a parachute...fabulous views), hiking, field trips to Mount Blanc (the kiddos), and the inevitable good and bad parts of saying goodbyes.

So you know, here's the upcoming schedule:
(June 22: Sarah left for teacher conference in US)
July 3: Jason left for Kenya
July 6: Heather and girls leave for US; Carlan leaves for a month of European travels with his parents
July 8: McLaughlins leave for Kenya
July 9: Cropseys and Alyssa leave for US
August 5: McLaughlins and Jason arrive in Burundi
August 6: Carlan arrives Burundi
August 7: Rest of team arrives in Burundi
August 12: Start Kirundi language study in Banga, Burundi (more on this to come in future posts)

We are looking forward to the big reunion in one month and FINALLY our arrival in Burundi!  Please be praying for all our upcoming transitions and travels!

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hankwillisdds said...

Bangla, Burundi is not on google maps OR google earth... would love to see it marked on a map if you find the time. Where is it near?