Last Day of Class

The last day of class for the adults yesterday was met with a variety of responses from the McCropder crew:  “Happy and sad at the same time” or “So ready to be done” or “I didn't really think about it” or “(sniff sniff cry) I will really miss this class.”  It is so good that God gives different perspectives, experiences, and interests to different team members.  And thankfully we can all look back and realize that, while we do not yet speak fluent French, we have all learned to communicate in French a whole lot better than we could a year ago.  We aim to keep that perspective, regardless of the results of the exams we will take next week.

Several of the classes held a party to commemorate the year.

The end of classes happened to coincide with the annual national Fête de la musique.  The town was bustling all evening with bands and dancing.   Several McCropder kids jumped in for the dancing.   

After the fête, a basketball game in the school parking lot rounded out the evening.  Meanwhile Sarah was saying goodbyes here, and this morning she flew to New York for a teachers’ conference.   

Please pray for us in the next few weeks:
- June 23 – July 5:  Sarah’s teachers’ conference in New York
- June 24 – 28:  Final exams for the other McCropder adults
- July 2:  Commencement ceremony at the language school
- July 5:  Last day of school for the children
- 2nd week of July:  The remaining McCropders leave France
- 1st week of August:  McCropders reunite in Burundi

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tscarlet said...

We will be praying for you all as you balance studying for exams, preparing to travel and move, saying goodbyes, and setting up life in a new place. Aren't we blessed to have a God that cares for all these aspects of everyday life?