10 Milestones

We have just finished a round of exams here.  Somehow these trimester exams show us just how much French we have learned, while they simultaneously show us how MUCH we have yet to learn.  The exams are comprised of 8 separate tests for each student:  exams which test listening comprehension, speaking ability, written work, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar.  There was a little bit of rejoicing when the whole series of exams was finished.  And there was a bit more rejoicing this morning when we received our scores.  We all passed - hooray!  That's 9 passing scores.  9 milestones of French progress.


The best milestone this week actually was celebrated as we welcomed Sarah back after she had been away for a week... at the World Harvest Mission offices in Philadelphia... for her official acceptance interviews and orientation.  (The rest of the team had those meetings in the fall of 2011, before even meeting Sarah, so now last week was Sarah's turn.)  Of course, the mission affirmed that her gifts and mission are a great match with the rest of the team, which we already knew.  So World Harvest welcomed her in with open arms, and then she flew back to France... where her exams were awaiting her... and where her team was eager to welcome her back home with a celebration.  Hooray!
Surprise Party did surprise Sarah
"We love you Sarah" chocolate pie
An attempted group picture to commemorate the event


Anonymous said...

Looks like Maggie took the photo :).

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for you guys. It is so good to hear of your progress in French. Yeah for Jesus! Love ya, Linda S.

Anonymous said...

Carlan and John- you need beards, too!

Cute photo of everyone!
-Laura D

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to the team for welcoming and caring so well for Sarah. I think your team is extraordinary! Sarah's mom