Checking in with photos

(from Heather)
December is evidently high season for French microbes.  The McCropders have recently hosted germ invasions including pink eye, ear infections, colds and coughs, and the stomach flu.  I was waiting for someone to post a blog documenting the unbelievable number of microbe manifestations.  And then I realized that perhaps I am the one with the most energy to write that blog, since every other McCropder adult has been sick or is currently sick.  So you readers could pray for health for all of us here… and maybe especially for those who will be traveling for Christmas.

While I’m checking in, I will include photos of some events here (outside of class and between viruses) in the last few weeks…
Enjoying a Christmas festival downtown

Building Snowmen

Singing Waving in church

Celebrating a birthday

Celebrating another birthday (and then another)

 Skiing (Jason and Carlan behind goggles)

Eating dinner with friends (as usual)

Watching a curling competition

Attending a tea party for young princesses

Gathering to sing Christmas carols

Recreating St Nicholas 

And for the adults, lots and lots of studying


Anonymous said...

I always love your posts. I love the pictures...your kids are growing up fast. Linda S.

tscarlet said...

I'm sorry to hear of all the sicknesses in your families. I know all too well how exhausting it is to have one thing after another! Do you get a school break for Christmas? We'll be praying that you all are able to get good rest and be ready for your 2nd semester of French school.
We got your Christmas family photo last week--thanks! What a happy thing it is to see those faces smiling at us!
Blessings to you all--

Hannah and the rest of the Willis clan