(From Alyssa Pfister)

Sometimes, like Heather said in a previous blog post, I have moments of suddenly remembering why I'm doing what I'm doing.  This time of preparation is definitely a paradox - bittersweet. Part of our calling to serve the people of Burundi in word and deed involves preparing diligently - learning the languages, raising the funds, studying tropical medicine, attending missionary training courses, & sharing our vision with others. And there are sweet blessings that accompany those preparations such as living closer to family during this time, learning interesting and valuable information, & being encouraged through the prayers and support of so many. But sometimes, like when reading the below blog, I wish we could be back in Africa sooner. This blog was written by friends and colleagues of ours with World Harvest who are working in rural Uganda. They are currently struggling with both measles and cholera outbreaks in addition to underlying severe malnutrition for many of these patients. Read the blog here. Anyone available to help with these medical and water needs?

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