MedSend Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

MedSend has been a vital partner with the McCropder team over the last few years.  MedSend provides grants to healthcare professionals serving overseas in order to cover their education-related debt.  Before MedSend existed, educational loans were a big hindrance is getting missionary doctors (and other health professionals) to the mission field quickly.  Often, those interested in missions would have to practice for several years to pay off their loan, but find after those few years that it was difficult to pick up roots, leave a practice, etc.  The majority of those initially interested in missions never made it to the field.

Four of the McCropder docs were MedSend grant recipients while in Kenya, and we hope to continue our partnership with them while in Burundi.  This year, MedSend is celebrating their 20th anniversary.  Check out the short video below for some testimonials.  The video includes lots of Tenwek folks as well as 4 McCropder docs.    

The McCropders want to say a big "thank you" to MedSend and all their donors for helping to make our work possible!  May God grant you many more years of "enabling global healthcare in Christ's name".

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