Link: "...Stealing the World's Doctors"

Here is a link to a very interesting article passed on to the McCropders from Drew Huang, a rather crazy surgeon friend from Kenya/California.  It's a pretty thoughtful article surrounding the issue of foreign doctors leaving doctor-poor countries to seek better opportunities in the West.  

This will loom very large for us in coming years, as we train doctors to meet the incredible health needs of Africa.  We have many friends in the US who are doctors who have come from the developing world.  We have many friends who are doctors working still in their homelands abroad.  For all of them, these issues are always a part of their world.


Sarah Halter said...

Thanks for sharing - a much more nuanced explanation than you often hear. I appreciated hearing more of the the complexity surrounding the decisions doctors are making.

afreakforjc said...

Hah! I'm finally catchup on the blog and found my name mentioned! My life is complete.