Group Photo Outtakes

With the imminent departure of the Cropseys, we had attempted last week a group photo of all McCropders (sans Carlan). A decent amount of logistical effort went into getting the kids clean, finding a time and place, etc. And we'll try it again. But sometimes you have to wonder how realistic we're being. There are just too many variables, all under the age of 5. Enjoy these outtakes.
There are at least 6 different places that we are looking at here.

Where did Elise go?

I guess these pictures give the impression that Ben suffers from torticollis. This is actually not true.

Heather doesn't look too sure about this one, and rightly so. It sort of looks like Jason is trying to duck, so that Maggie is not blocked, but alas.

Come back, Maggie! Micah, watch that finger!

And finally, success. Or...? (Yes, this was the best one)

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Timothy said...

Awesome!!! Allyssa looks great in each shot...I wonder why?? Fun!!