Fun with ClustrMaps

Some of you may have noticed the little picture at the bottom of the right sidebar. ClustrMaps is a little free blog widget that maps out all the visitors to your blog. According to them, we have logged over 28,000 visitors in the past year, and our map has grown to look like a bad case of varicella. It resets once a year, so it will likely soon be totally blank again, as it starts over. You can click on the map on the right sidebar to get an enlarged view with all the details.

A few fun facts:
-Obviously, our top country was the ol' USA with over 22,000 visits, coming in second is Canada with just a few more than Kenya.
-The UK is #4, which is not unexpected, though I'm not sure who we know in the UK. However, I do find it odd that Italy is #5.
-Burundi is around #30, low but I guess we're just happy they have internet.
-And then there is the fascinating host of places that I can only assume found us by accident or something. Random countries like Cyprus with 4 visits (just above Togo with 3, sorry John) or Saint Kitts and Nevis. And even more random territories like the Isle of Jersey (extra credit if you could find it on a map, and partial credit if you even know which map to start looking on), Greenland (which I wasn't totally convinced was inhabited) or the isle of Reunion.

So, if you are one of those random visitors from Malta, Uzbekistan, or Brunei, please leave a comment and let us know who you are and how in the world you found this blog.

And the rest of you, check back soon, so that your home can get some representation on the newly reset McCropder clustermap.


Unknown said...
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Noella said...

Glad we made your top 5 hit list. We love tracking with you guys from Italy! Your fellow laborers in the mission...the Kleises

Anonymous said...

I found this blog randomly while surfing the net and I was struck by the positive sense of community and faith that radiated from it.