Holding Down the Fort

Today Jason, John, and Eric are en route to a medical conference near Nairobi. They are looking forward to good CME and good conversations with other doctors working in different parts of Africa.

While the McCropder men are away for a few days, the women and children continue daily activities here. And just what might these activities include?
going for walks
playing in the rain
reading books
sharing with friends
building forts
celebrating events with parties
hanging the laundry
watering the plants
dressing up
studying Anna's pet chameleon
and playing with friends


Sandy said...

Look at Abi waving under the laundry line. Too cute! I love the first picture too, Heather! FUN post!

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting all those pictures, Heather. My favorite was of Anna and her pet chameleon. Too funny! We continue to pray for you often, and miss you all!

ellen said...

What do you mean Abi waving under the laundry. I thought she WAS hanging the laundry. : )

Philip said...

All these simple pleasures in life make me smile.

Hugh Chung said...

Hi Jason. This is Hugh Chung. I met you on the interview trail last year. I'm currently an intern at Beaumont, and I have to say the surgery life is certainly testing my perseverence.

I just wanted to say hello and am so blessed every time I get the opportunity to read up on your work.

I will stop by and say hi from time to time through this blog, email or the ever-ubiquitous facebook.

God Bless

Jay N Laura said...

I love all these pictures, too!

Also, a HUGE thanks to all for the sweet and thoughtful gifts for Levi. :) :) I've written your comments in each book and will read them to him as part of the "story." And the outfit: too cute! Thanks so much everyone!

Levi and fam

Tori Clark said...

I love the one of Abi with the laundry, too! Also, the one of all the babies in their cute little sun hats--precious!