My Little Plumpy Nut

Every little baby is a "peanut". You have probably used this moniker yourself. Maggie was also a "peanut". But at the 96th percentile for length and the 99th for weight, she is a peanut no longer, and I have been stumped as to how to refer to her.

But this was just one of the many solutions that our Samaritan's Purse orientation afforded. We learned about the extensive disaster relief efforts of SP, including the amazingly complex system of delivering aid in the midst of famine, natural disasters, war, or poverty.

And they have some interesting tools in their toolbox, such as the Pur water sachet, which when stirred for 5 minutes into nasty river floodwater, produces 10 liters of pure water by coagulating everything else into a sediment at the bottom.

But most pertinent was the reminder of Plumpy Nut, a peanut-based nutrition treatment for malnourished children in famine areas. I had heard about this before, but this was timely, because I realized "I don't have a peanut. I have a Plumpy Nut!" Will this give my daughter a complex? Time will tell.

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