Kenyan Stats

A few pertinent facts, to try and flesh out a profile for the place we're moving to:

Independence: 1963
Population: 39 million
Area: 580,637 sq km (about twice the size of Nevada)
Arable land: 8%
Borders: Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Lake Victoria, and the Indian Ocean
GDP per capita: 1600 USD

People and Health:
Life expectancy at birth: 57.9 years
Median age: 18.7 years
Infant mortality: 54.7 deaths /1000 live births
Total fertility rate: 4.56 children born / woman
HIV adult prevalence: 6.7% of population
Literacy: 85% of people over age 15 can read and write

2007 Violence:
"KIBAKI's reelection in December 2007 brought charges of vote rigging from ODM candidate Raila ODINGA and unleashed two months of violence in which as many as 1,500 people died. UN-sponsored talks in late February produced a powersharing accord bringing ODINGA into the government in the restored position of prime minister."

source: CIA world factbook (https://cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ke.html)

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