Live from Ethiopia

From the Faders:

Surprised and very happy, the Faders find themselves in Ethiopia this week. This picture shows the view from our hotel room. More than a year ago, we began the process of adoption, and now we have met the little girl who will hopefully join our family very soon!! Less than two weeks ago, we joyfully accepted the referral for this precious baby! After a very short whirlwind of preparation, we boarded a plane for Addis Ababa in order to complete the next phase of the adoption process.

This new little girl is absolutely beautiful, five months old, very tiny, a bit malnourished. We held her yesterday and today, trying to fill her with all the love in our hearts. She seemed to be studying us, rather unimpressed with our singing actually, but she did not mind the affection. Pictures of this sweet little girl will certainly be featured on this blog after we have passed all legal proceedings. We pray that God will open the doors for the final legal proceedings to be finished quickly, so that she can come home to us within a few months. Please join us in praying for her to come home soon.


Carrie said...

Praise the Lord! I will join you in prayer. I also am eagerly anticipating some photos of the precious little one!

Sandy said...

So happy, Faders!!! I'm enjoying hearing about your trip and am gobbling up every detail!

Philip said...

You're family is in our earnest prayers. Your brother, Phil.