Throughout the summer, we McCropders have continued to ponder long-term locations: Sudan, Swaziland, Niger, Zambia, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia? Each option presents its own interesting mixture of situational intricacies.

One of the countries we have discussed is Liberia, a post-conflict nation in West Africa. The medical need is great, and the post-war situation affords opportunities to positively impact the rebuilding process. We have entertained the possibility of pursuing faculty positions at the medical school.

I, Jason, was recently presented with an opportunity to work in Liberia from September 14 to October 4 as a surgeon with Mercy Ships. I jumped at the opportunity, eager to help and excited to explore future McCropder possibilities. I also anticipate stretching my surgeon wings on what should be some interesting and challenging cases. Like a cantaloupe-sized thyroid for example.

I am looking forward to a stretching, exciting, and enlightening three weeks with Mercy Ships!

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