Jason Graduates from Residency

Another step towards Africa: This week marks the end of my (Jason's) quarter century of education required to become a general surgeon. Last Saturday I officially graduated from general surgery residency. I was thankful to be surrounded by wonderful family including Heather, in-laws, grandmothers, and siblings, as well as some good friends.

Another highlight from the graduation event was definitely having Eric play the piano during the cocktail hour before the ceremony.

Now I begin a one-year "fellowship" in which I will learn various skills to better prepare me for operating as a surgeon in Africa. This will include learning a wide variety of operations such as C-sections, fracture repair, urological procedures, plastic surgery, and various ENT procedures. The light at the end of the tunnel is certainly getting brighter, as I look forward to getting my first "real job" next year, at the age of 32!


The Jones Family said...

So excited for you, Dr. Fader! Praising God for His faithfulness during these many years of training. May He continue to prepare you for service to Him in Africa! - "Nagis" and Eric

Carrie said...

I already congratulated you on FB, but it really is an accomplishment that warrants many congratulations! So here I am again offering many, many, congrats! If you go to Sudan, will you be anywhere near Eli? Many blessings as you head through your next steps!