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This is a simple post.  Dr. Kent Brantly is a post-resident working at ELWA hospital in Liberia, who has been caring for patients in the Ebola outbreak there.  He has now contracted the disease itself.  Very serious and very difficult to pull through.  His wife and two children have been evacuated out of country.

We met their family in Greece this last year.  We were very interested to hear his news, since he is part of the same program we did in Kenya, and the Cropseys were our delegated to look at his hospital in 2010 as a long-term home for us before we decided on Burundi.

Please pray for Dr. Brantly and his family, and the over 1000 confirmed cases of Ebola in this outbreak.  Here is the CNN link.


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Praying in Ashland

Linda said...

Eric and Rachel,
The news here is full of the Ebola virus, apparently a world-wide crisis now. Can you bring us up to date from your perspective? What are you seeing in your region?
We hold you in prayer,
Aunt Linda