Off To Africa

We (the Cropsey family) arrived back in Michigan this morning (Friday) at 4:45AM after an all night drive from Chattanooga. We spent a few hours sleeping and then packed John up to leave for the airport at 4PM.  It's been a crazy 24 hours.  As I write this, John is now in the air on his way to Africa for two weeks.

John will be heading first to Burundi to spend 5 days there.  He will be meeting with the HAU (Hope Africa University) leadership and discussing an MOU (memorandum of understanding) between World Harvest and HAU.  He also hopes to meet with eye care providers and scope out building materials to determine what we should or shouldn't bring with us from the U.S.

Next, he will fly to Uganda for the World Harvest Africa Team Leader meetings.  The team leaders from Kenya, South Sudan & Uganda will join him along with some of the leaders from the WHM home office in Pennsylvania.

Please keep these specific requests in your prayers over the next two weeks:

  • Safe travels (he will be traveling by air as well as using local transportation in Uganda and Burundi, both unfamiliar places for him)
  • Good communication with the HAU leadership as both WHM and HAU try to articulate goals, vision, expectations, etc.
  • Positive networking experiences with eye care providers
  • Information gathering in Burundi to determine what supplies to put on a shipping container
  • Spiritual refreshment and encouragement as he spends time with WHM leadership and develops those relationships
  • Physical health (John didn't start his malaria prophylaxis until TODAY. You're supposed to start it a week before you leave.  They say that doctors make the worst patients!)
Thanks so much for your prayers!

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