Book of the Month: Miracles & Moments of Grace

A bit of a disclaimer here...this month's BOTM was actually chosen because it features some authors you may know.  Us. :)  Last year, we received an email from a woman named Nancy Kennedy.  She was interested in writing a book of stories from Christian physicians and had found our blog, wondering if she could use some of our material.  Nancy had just finished a book entitled Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Military Chaplains, and was continuing the series by sharing medical stories.  

We agreed to share whatever she was interested in, and so she chose and adapted several stories from our blogs.  One is John's "Sudan on a Wing and a Prayer," Eric's blog on resembling Jesus, and my blog on a miraculous cord prolapse survival story.  Also featured are stories from some of our fellow Post Residents:  Malin and Sara Friess, who worked at Tenwek and Kijabe Hospitals, and Dan Benedick, who worked at Shell Hospital in Ecuador.  

In all, there are 50 different short stories about doctors and their experiences with patients.  I haven't actually read most of it, since it was just published this week and arrived at our house today, but I look forward to reading some more miraculous, emotional, and humorous stories.  I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing you can find at the library, but it is available for purchase on amazon.  

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