Through Snow and Mud

For a couple of months, we are living in St. Joseph, MI, a few miles inland from Lake Michigan, where I am doing some hospital work.  It's been a mild winter, but maybe it's starting to catch up.

Last night, it dropped about 4 inches of snow, and another 6 or so accumulated during the day.  As I headed out for some of my first winter driving in a few years, I was "momentarily transported back to Kenya".  In fact, there were several ways in which the experience was reminiscent of driving in Africa.   The following thoughts ran through my head this morning, and would have been true of any given drive in Kenya:
  • Wow, it would be great if I had 4-wheel drive.  Instead, I have a 2-wheel drive van.
  • Where is the road?  Well, it must be somewhere between those 2 mailboxes (or trees)
  • Wow, the Lord has made a beautiful place here.  If I try to look around and enjoy it, I'm sure to die.
  • Slowing down may actually be more dangerous in this situation.
  • I'm so glad no one really cares if I stay in my own lane.
  • Well, there are worse things than getting stuck.
  • The best thing about this situation is that there are not many other cars on the road.
  • When in doubt, trust the ruts that are already in the road.
  • Of course, one never quite knows where those ruts led the last person.
  • Oh look, they didn't really lead them very well.  Better get out of the rut.
  • Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me safe and sound from point A to point B.

Driving back from visiting some friends.  John has skillz.  We never got stuck.

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