Back in the U.S.A.

We (the Cropsey family) arrived safely back in the U.S. on Thursday evening.  We had an uneventful trip, made all of our connections, and didn't lose any luggage along the way (despite the fact that one of the duffel bags had to be tied together with zip ties and bungee cords at the airport due to a broken zipper).  Our one hour layover in Zurich was a breeze, thanks to the efficiency of the Swiss.  Our 5 hour layover in Frankfurt went by quickly thanks to McDonald's and the children's play area featuring a huge rocket ship and ball pit.  The kids did great and we all got some sleep on the two long flights.  Jess had some minor leg swelling issues, but that has mostly resolved.  Many thanks to all of you who prayed for our travel.

Strangely, it almost seems like we never left the U.S.  Things remain largely the same, but here are a few things that have struck us in the last 48 hours:
  • McDonald's is every bit as yummy as we remembered.  We don't know why those little cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets taste so good, but we're lovin' it.  
  • American milk is SO delicious.  
  • It is very pleasant to go for a jog and not be followed by children asking, "How are you?" and "What is the time?"  No worries about being run over by a motorbike either.
  • American q-tips are incredibly fluffy and feel fantastic.
  • Some food delights -- blueberries, amazing strawberries, black olives, croutons, and deli meat.
  • It's so nice to drive in a place where you can count on people obeying the traffic signals and laws.
  • Our feet have really missed soft, fluffy carpet.
  • It's wonderful taking a shower without having a separate bucket of rainwater to prevent your hair from sticking together.
  • Being able to drink straight from the tap is truly a wonderful blessing.
We recognize these things as fleeting pleasures, but are thankful that God is giving us this time to enjoy them.  We are so thankful for our families who have warmly welcomed us back and gone out of their way to make our transition smooth.  We are looking forward to worshiping with our Knox church family on Sunday. 

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying some of the little pleasures in life and things went so well getting home. Blessings in the last months before the new little one comes.
Mariah (Eric's Sis)