Out to the Beach

We are excited to be departing this weekend for a much needed retreat at Diani Beach, just south of Mombasa Kenya. By "we" I mean all the McCropders, plus our fellow post-residents Alyssa, Christina, and the Jones family (see blogs to right)--10 adults and 8 kids (all 5 and under). The Kijabe post-residents, the Friesses and Shirleys, won't be able to make it out to the beach, but will join us for a Saturday lunch reunion. It will be great to see everyone!

This October marks the "one year in Kenya" date for the Cropseys, whose time here at Tenwek is now a little more than half over, wow. The Faders and McLaughlins are only two months behind. It's been an amazing first year here, full of ups and down, tragedies and triumphs, challenges and blessings. Some things that we thought would be hard have sometimes been easy, and some things that we didn't even realize would be difficult have been devastating. All this to say, our week long retreat is as much about processing our year here so far as it is just getting away to relax. We are blessed to be able to have James Paternoster, a good friend and church elder, come out for the week to help facilitate our discussions and reflections. As many of you know, James is a former MK from Nigeria, and has been working with Intervarsity (and through them, CMDA) at the U of MI for many years now. He's also a key component of our McCropder sounding board, the Lyntelnoster.

So, please pray for our week long retreat to the beach--for safe travel, good fellowship and community, and for the Holy Spirit to aid our processing. And forgive us if you don't hear from us much this next week. We're too busy relaxing by the pool to check email. :)


Jamie Paauw said...

The beaches around Mombassa are gorgeous. If you get a chance, swing by Lighthouse for Christ and give my best to the team there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Mombasa. I loved it there. Enjoy all God has to treat you with in such a beautiful place!