The McCropders and Beyonce

I have never made much of a secret of my life ambition to be in a magazine that featured Beyonce on the cover. However, I thought when I decided to pursue a career in African medical missions, that I would have to put that aside.

But no! This month's Ambassador magazine, a Detroit-area publication, had its annual 'hot docs' section (a series of personal interest stories for area physicians, and a somewhat embarrassing title for said 'docs'), and the Mc---Ders found their way into it, with a photo shoot in the McKitchen, and a few words from the crew.

Questions from the peanut gallery:

1. Why was Beyonce on the cover? She was filming a movie in the Detroit area, apparently.

2. Did you notice that Eric is wearing slippers, and that they called him 'Erica'? Yes, we did.

3. Did you have to take a lot of photos to get such a cute picture of Anna staring at the camera? Well, they were all cute, but the 'staring at the camera' took a while.

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