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Songs From the Dry Season
2016 (liner notes included in download, click to see track listing and sample)

Beauty in the Seams: The Alpine EP
2014 (liner notes included in download, click to see track listing and sample)

Now and Then: Kenyan Recordings
2011 (lyric book - 0.9MB; lyric book no images - 0.5MB)
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1. Now and Then
2. Laying Stones
3. Peace That Passes
4. Sarah's Song (Lit by Starlight)
5. Song of the King
6. Time Blesses the Journey
7. Ordinary Day
8. Swift and Piercing Terrible
9. We Will Rise
10. Wisdom
11. What I've Been Looking For
12. Lullaby

Waves and Breakers
1. Traveling Mercies
2. Before We Have Given
3. Ribbon Road
4. Turning Point
5. Sacred Head
6. Deepest Parts
7. Aria
8. Gravity Can Find Voice
9. When You've Gone Away
10. Until She Does
11. Jacob's Ladder Down
12. Waves and Breakers

Six Years Being Remembered
2003 (liner notes)

1. Whiter Snow
2. Curling
3. Queen of Flight
4. Ravensbruck
5. The Peacemaker Himself Fashions a Fit
6. Still Remembered
7. The Charis Hills
8. Morning's Brightest Path
9. All I've Seen
10. End of the Day

2001-2009 (compiled 2013) (liner notes)
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1. Shot Through
2. Lalibela
3. Lady of the Wood
4. For As He Gives
5. I Just Want To Cover My Eyes
6. Sky and Soul
7. The Years of Man
8. Being Known
9. Rings True
10. Of the Father's Love Begotten