Donation Info

We have been tremendously blessed by the generosity of many family members, friends, and churches that have given so that we could invest in language study, purchase vehicles, build houses, and begin hospital projects.  Here are some ways that you can continue to be involved in giving financially if you so desire.

Engineering Ministries International has helped us develop a 20-year expansion plan for the hospital, which includes everything from medical student housing to new wards and operating rooms.  Here are some of the projects that we are anticipating over the next few years:  
*Pediatrics Ward
*Outpatient/Educational Building

If you would like more information about any of these projects, please contact Jason.  

This fund is for team projects and expenses as well as community outreach.  

This account helps to subsidize care for the neediest of our patients at Kibuye, as decided and distributed by a team of our Burundian partners.  

If you'd prefer to give to a particular family unit, please visit the links below.  (Note: If you click on the photo, you only get a big version of the photo, but you can find the link by clicking on the names underneath.)

Greg, Stephanie, Ella, Mekdes, and Biniyam Sund
George, Susan and Watts Clan
Scott and Lindsay Nimmon

Darrell, Becky, and the Baskin Brigade
Nicole Christenson
Carlan and Michelle Wendler
Alyssa Pfister

Jason, Heather, Anna, and Abi Fader
John, Jessica, Elise, Micah, and Sam Cropsey
Eric, Rachel, Maggie, Ben, and Toby McLaughlin
Not Wanting To Use The Internet:  You can also give a one-time donation by simply mailing a check to: Serge, Donations Processing Center, PO Box 1244, Albert Lea, MN 56007-1244.  Checks can be made out to "Serge", and you must include a note (and write on the memo line of the check) who the donation is designated to, and write the following account number:

Greg and Stephanie Sund: 51382
Scott and Lindsay Nimmon: 51365
Nicole Christenson: 51212
George and Susan Watts: 51394
Darrell and Becky Baskin: 51307
Logan and Julie Banks: 51306
Caleb and Krista Fader: 51319
Alyssa Pfister: 51375
Carlan Wendler: 51395
Jason and Heather Fader: 51320
John and Jessica Cropsey: 51311
Eric and Rachel McLaughlin: 51355

A link to some of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding donation.