Back to School in Banga

by Heather

“I like school in English!” and "Please can we have school again tomorrow?"  These are indeed actual quotes from the McCropder children as we have started their first school year here in Burundi. We hope the sentiment continues.

Voilà our temporary school room.  We start school days here with prayer, calendar time, and Bible class all together.

Then the 4-year-olds (Micah, Maggie, and Abigail) work on shapes, colors, letters, and handwriting with Aunt Jessica.  And Elise and Anna have social studies class with me, Aunt Heather.  After those classes, all head outside for recess.
Next Miss Sarah reads to the younger kids while Anna and Elise work on math and language arts.  Note: While I don't feel exactly qualified to teach these 3rd grade subjects, it comforts me that our real elementary school teacher can fill in all the holes of my teaching when she gets here. : )   

Daily home ec class is Anna’s favorite subject.  She likes to sew, sweep, and hand-wash the laundry.

Uncle Carlan rounds out the curriculum with his art class for Anna and Elise on Wednesdays. 

Science-learning is an all-day affair here.  That subject warrants its own blog post at another time. 

For adults and kids alike, learning about life in Burundi is really a primary objective during this time.  Every day, the kids keep exploring this new culture with us.


tscarlet said...

Hooray! It's lovely to see the first semester of McCropder school off to a start! I love your home ec. :)

Kathryn said...

Yay! What a wonderful post this is!!! As I sat in class this morning, I imagined the younger McCropders diligently working away at their academic endeavors, and it made mine vastly more enjoyable :)

Sandy said...

What fun to have so many fresh teachers for your students! All the kids look a bit older. :) I like Anna's hair cut!