Little Moses's Birthday Today

(by Heather) 
I have not yet written about baby Moses, but if you have seen me this year, you have likely heard about him.  Our family still thinks about and talks about Baby Moses often.  One year ago today, baby Moses was born via emergency C-section at Tenwek Hospital.  A visiting doctor delivered this healthy, beautiful baby boy.

Moses went to the nursery where all the newborn babies stay.  Moses’s mother came to feed her baby every 3 hours for three days.  And then she disappeared.

Moses remained in the nursery for several days while an unsuccessful search was conducted for the young woman who surely faced a world of hurting.  I can hardly imagine the brokenness that could lead her to leave her new baby at the hospital.

At one week of age, Moses came to live with us for a while.  He completely wiggled himself into our hearts.

We loved loving Moses, along with our friend Carly (pictured at right at Moses’s one- month- old birthday party).   

At 6 weeks old, Moses entered an orphanage.  It seems like a relatively well-run orphanage, but no orphanage can match God’s design for children to be raised in families.    

Please pray today for Moses and for all the children in the world who are in need of families to love them.

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Sandy said...

Oh Heather! I'm praying alongside you that Moses has found a loving family and home. May God bless him and keep him.