A Layered Dessert worth Writing and Reading about

(by Sarah)

While in the midst of goodbyes, I began to reflect upon what I have grown to treasure during my year in the States.  Though many things top the list, people and food are my most favorite.  Combine the people and the food = utopia!  I thought I would share one such treasure from this Spring.  

Each Tuesday evening I studied the Bible with a dear group of folks from my home church, Lakeland Church.  This group has evolved over the year and one of our qualities that I have treasured is the inclusive nature.  I made some great friends because we didn’t put out the no vacancy sign.  We are a multi-generational group and by that I mean age 13-80+.  One of our other qualities that I have treasured is that we often gather around food.  People + Food = 1 happy Sarah

Fred and Lois are in the 80+ category.  One night Fred and Lois brought this…

The display of layered yumminess (not a real word) brought forth much admiration from the gathered faithful.  As we partook of food and fellowship, I sang the praises of Fred’s dessert.  I must confess I ate at least 4, but to my credit I probably had missed dinner that night and the pieces were small.  Watch for me in one of Eric’s future posts about weight control furlough-40.  

The best part of the story is the next time Fred and Lois brought the layered dessert to Bible study.  Fred handed me my very own box of sweet goodness to take home.  I was the only one to receive a special take home package.  I was thrilled!  Fast forward a few months...Fred and Lois joined my family for dinner a week ago.  They brought the layered dessert AND they let me keep the leftovers. 

In case you wanted another view…

I’ve adopted new motivation in my running: “Marathon….what?  Run so that you can eat whatever you want.”  I promise this makes running slightly more challenging.  

I apologize because the recipe is tightly packed in a shipping container in Ann Arbor, MI which is humorous to me at this point now that I realize I have no idea how many of the ingredients will be available to us in Burundi.  In Kenya I could have pulled this dessert off smashingly (not as smashingly as Fred) with just a few substitutions!  

Melted butter, crushed graham crackers, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, coconut, sweetened condensed milk

From memory I think everything is 1 cup except a lot less butter, the chocolate chips is 1 heaping cup, and an 8 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk should do just fine.  Layer a 9x9 pan with the ingredients in the order I listed and bake at 350 F for approx. 10 minutes or until the sweetened condensed milk bubbles.  Chill, cut, and keep chilled.  Eat one every time you open the fridge or better yet - share with your neighbors.  :-)


Marina said...

I have always loved these "7-layer bars" as my mom used to call them. We were just in Burundi for nearly a month -- I don't recall seeing many baking-type ingredients in the markets we visited. You will have to get creative for sure. I have come across a few recipes for homemade sweetened condensed milk on food blogs. Hope you can find a way to duplicate these, good luck!

The Drs. McLaughlin said...

Digestives. Great substitute for graham crackers. :) Feel free to try out this recipe as many times as you have to in Burundi until you feel like you have it right!

megan said...

My family calls them "hello dollies" - my grandmother always made them at Christmas, and the tradition continues. Yum!