Eric's New CD: Kenyan Recordings

I've been writing songs since I was sixteen.  I'm not sure why I started, but there were certainly times when I thought their primary benefit would be that I would land a record deal and perform music for a living.  If you are reading this blog, then I probably don't have to tell you that this is no longer true.  However, music has continued to play an interesting role in my life, and "the boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places."

When we were at the aforementioned World Harvest Mission retreat in Kenya, I got the chance to play some of these songs for my fellow missionaries.  I saw on their faces a resonance with the joys and sorrows that I was trying to tell the story of.  And it was great.  (If you want another perspective on that, as well just a great piece of writing, click here.)  

And that's what I hope this project is:  Another way for people to experience the story of our journey to a far-off place full of hope and grief, beauty and pain.  I have printed 200 copies of a CD that is a collection of songs I recorded and/or wrote in Kenya.  Some I have posted on the blog before; some are new.  All are pretty raw, but all strive to tell the story of this certain place and time.


If you're interested, you can buy 1 (or more) copies here for $7 (shipping included), just to cover the cost of the printing.  The Paypal link is here for online purchase, or email me for an address to send a check.  We'll ship it out to you as soon as we can, traveling around as we are.  $5 if you get it in person, and for mp3 fans, click here for free download.  For a sampling, click here.  Happiest listening.

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