Two Great Photos

As a quick diversion, I thought I'd share a couple of photos.

First, here is (I believe) the oldest known photo of 2 (non-married) McCropders. This is John and myself, just before Christmas in 2002, my first year of medical school. Pictured also are Jay Dykstra (radiology), Peter and Sarah Bast (ophthalmology), Priscila Ribeiro (now Cummings, OBGYN), and Matt Nehs (general surgery). Good times.

Also, a new add to the favorite signs collection. This was actually just down the hill from us, where apparently someone found some scriptural scrap wood when building a chicken coop, and decided to use it as a moral reminder to any would-be chicken thieves.


Jacques said...

Some years ago, my shed disappeared in the middle of the night. I have long wondered where that wall ended up. Thanks for solving the mystery.

Keri said...

We enjoyed the comment in the rooster cage as we walked by it on a regular basis. Thanks for posting!

John and Jessica Cropsey said...

Eric, I was already married for 2.5 years by that point!