On the Road to Nairobi (More Signs)

Last weekend, we went into Nairobi to run some errands (see prior post). It's a good drive, and it seems that there are always more fun details to pick up on. Here are some more signs I snapped on the way there.
Wait, did you say the "Jesus is the Fountain of Life Church Total Transformation Centre The House of Worship?" Oh, that's on the left...
On the floor of the Rift Valley
How would you define "Anti-Natal"?
This is actually at Tenwek Hospital, but I had forgotten to include it earlier
We stopped at one point, because some 30 giraffes were on both sides of the road. It never really gets old, watching these graceful animals. This is the first time, though, that I've seen them drink, which is apparently when they are most vulnerable to attack.


Anonymous said...

anti-natal, bwa ha ha!

greyfalcon said...

Did you know that they have special sacks along their jugular veins to accommodate the immense pressure change when their heads are down to drink (otherwise risking a venous blow-out)? Of course you did. Who am I kidding? What I want to know is how they don't get wind burn down that trachea.