Pediologist in the Making

If you ask Anna what she wants to be when she grows up, she replies, “Maybe an ophthalmologist or maybe a pediologist.” Somehow it is not surprising when children of Tenwek aspire to careers in medicine. After all, most of the adults they know here are doctors, and much of the conversation they overhear involves medical topics. And we have required a variety of medical treatments at home as well:

Abi experienced a bout of probable pneumonia a few weeks ago. Here she is modeling her Kenyan-style inhaler. It’s a plastic Coke bottle. Ingenious, no?

Anna hosted some scabies last week. Yuck.

I have been sporting this orthopedic boot for the last two months (and I’m very happy to report that I can now walk and carry Abi without crutches again).

So it seems only natural that imaginative play here at Tenwek includes scenes like the following (fairly realistic) scenario:

Doctor examines patient.

Doctor wonders what in the world to do for this unusual case presentation.

Doctor asks for a consult with a more experienced missionary doctor.

Doctor re-examines patient with whatever diagnostic tools are available.

Doctor determines the need for surgical intervention and prays for a good outcome as she begins an operation she has never performed before.

Anna seems eager to launch her medical career. If any of you are looking for an inexpensive tonsillectomy, Anna the future pediologist would be happy to help.


Sandy said...

Those are adorable, Heather! The sixth picture - Anna looks grave as she knows the true extent of Abi's diagnosis. Abi sits beside her, completely unaware!

What a precious moment!

Christina said...

Soooooooooo cute! Anna cracks me up! And, Abi is getting so big. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you guys again sometime soon. Are you coming to the retreat at Brackenhurst?

Melanie said...

Love the Kikoy skirt on Heather! Best use of a kikoy ever.

Linda S. said...

It's SO nice to have you back on the boards. I have missed your input, Heather. Anna is great!!! And Abi, she is growing up. I love the hair style. I'm gonna try that one on Esther. And Jason, he plays the part of the wise "old" doc perfect! We miss you guys!!

Kimberly said...

I think the consult is my favorite. You definitely got me giggling! Miss you guys!

Laura said...

What a family moment! I miss getting together with you all for dinner and bible study.

Kristin said...


Abi looks so big.

Thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...


Abi looks so big.

Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Mas Moya said...

This is too funny!
The girls are so big... and so pretty! :D
I miss you all...

Philip said...

shucks. I already had my tonsils out. I'm sure something is bound to come up. I'll be in touch with Abi.