Bum Geniuses

Every Monday around 11:30 we have a baby/toddler playgroup.  A few months ago, there were 5 baby members at Tenwek all within 5 months of each other.  One of those babies has since gone back to the States and another will be leaving next week, so the McCropder babies will soon be the only ones left.

Our little "Bum Geniuses" from left to right:  Maggie McLaughlin, Micah Cropsey, Abi Fader -- ironically in McCropder order which also happens to be the reverse of their birth order.

We often discuss who will be the valedictorian of the class of 2027.  It's hard to tell at this point, but there are certain "awards" that we might be able to accurately predict.

Class bully:  Micah (despite his weight disadvantage)
Most likely to play professional sports:  Abi (she's one tough cookie!)
Most likely to appear on Broadway:  Maggie 

This past Monday we thought it would be cute to deck our children out in their matching Bum Genius cloth diapers.  On certain days, you can see close to 60 diapers hanging on the McCropder clothesline.  Look out all you 2027 high school graduates...these three munchkins have been surrounded by Geniuses since infancy and have a good chance of snagging all that scholarship money (so we hope)!


Kimberly said...

LOVE IT!!! Arch hung out our first summer diaper load on the line (he had to put the line up first) last weekend. CUTIES!

Linda S. said...

I am lovin' the pictures. My vote is for Abi...most likely to succeed. Just look at that grin!! Then again, I'm in love with her heritage. :-)