Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Well, the day has finally arrived. The first of the McCropders is departing these shores and crossing over the Big Pond to the land of Africa. The Cropseys depart tonight, connect in Amsterdam, and should arrive in Nairobi around mid-day tomorrow. That just leaves us Mc-Ders lefts over. The Faders will likely be heading over end of November, and the McLaughlins early December, to complete the trio.

Prayer requests for the Cropseys:
-No flight delays or cancellations, and that they make their connection in Amsterdam without difficulty
-All of their bags to arrive on time and in one piece
-Everyone would get some sleep on the plane, and a quick adjustment to the new time zone
-Safety and good health

Hopefully we'll be posting a blog soon with their arrival info and first impressions!


Family said...

God bless you as you travel! And provide favor throughout your long journey!


Family said...

PS. I really wish it could be me on a plane to Tenwek...