Map of Kibuye

by Michelle Wendler

I've been dabbling in art and this last month I decided to try something a little different and watercolor a map of our community. I hope this helps give a picture of what life is like in our rural African community.

Some notes:

*Not all the trees were included (because there are so many!) just a few larger groves.
*The villages surrounding the hospital were not included (that's my next project),  just the residential area where we live, the hospital, and the buildings between us and the hospital.

Color Code:

*Residential is in Red
*Hospital is in Blue
*All other structures are in Brown

*New hospital buildings

#29A An expansion of the OR #30 Surgical Ward
#31 Morgue

And check out the new addition to our hospital!! #32-33 New Solar Power Installation!!

For some reason this platform won't allow me to post a high resolution map, so I've included a link to our personal blog post with a high resolution map.  

Click here for a higher resolution version: High Resolution Map of Kibuye


Rebekah said...

Wow, what a great nap you have painted!! You definitely have artistic talent! Fun to see this version of where you live.

Karen A. said...

Very cool to see--thanks for sharing your talent. It gives us a bit more to visualize how things are when we think and pray for your work there.