Where We're Going

Since December 2010, we have been working towards living and working longterm in Burundi.

Specifically, we have been accepted by World Harvest Mission to work in Burundi with Hope Africa University's young medical school, who is need of doctors to teach their medical students while caring for patients at Kibuye Hope Hospital, a small bush mission hospital, which is currently being expanded into their primary teaching hospital.

Kibuye Hope Hospital
It wouldn't be feasible to try and enumerate all the reasons why we have decided on this course, but to mention a few things we're excited about:

  • The country of Burundi certainly represents "the least of these", that we believe Jesus cares so much about, being among the five most undeveloped countries in the world. (more on Burundi)
  • Yet, being post-war, there is an incredible window for growth and development in Burundi, and we feel that the Burundi leadership of Hope Africa University has already put their institution on a solid road.
  • Our hope is that we can add substantially to the health care available in the region of Kibuye Hospital (which is outside the capital city, and thus incredibly devoid of medical professionals), and at the same time be integrally involved in the professional and spiritual development of young medical students and leaders.
  • We feel that this opportunity provides the best mix of the gospel in "Word and Deed" as it would pertain to the gifts of our group.
John with HAU medical students on an earlier trip
Patients in the queue at  Kibuye Hope Hospital
From a timetable standpoint, we are planning on being on the ground in Burundi in the summer of 2013, with a few months of Kirundi language school (which will be important in addition to French).  It's a big investment, but joy in the journey, and we believe a worthwhile investment.