Now and Then

Last September, I wrote this blog post about the tension between the promises and what I see all around me. An anonymous commenter (that it seems was actually Carlan) mentioned that it sounded like a song to be written, so I tucked it away, and eventually it materialized.

Now and Then

You and I, we never could say what we really meant
that the promises we hold are positing an argument
They loom so large, and so lovely
Like a dream so far above these dusty trails
and all the places that they ever went

Look around, and see the world that we are living in
Feel the weight of all our fears and all our wanderings
They're pressing in, and leaning near
But just now, not far from here, the darkness hits a glitch
And seems to be wearing thin

Now and then in this weary world
And even here and there inside my ragged soul
A bit of redemption's breaking through
So maybe everywhere
like some whisper floating on the air, it says
"All things are being made new"

Come awake, let us stand and take the darkness on
Wrestling with the angel until the dawn
We may limp, but then we rise, even be caught by surprise
A rent appears, streaking though is a morning sun


Clayton Ingalls said...

I especially enjoyed the second to last like in the second verse. :)

Steve Telian said...

Thanks, Eric. On this theme, may I recommend for both you and your readers Tim Keller's 9/28/03 sermon from Jeremiah 31. Rich discussion of our longing rooted in an abiding sense of exile from our "true home", and a particularly edifying exposition of "the tears of Rachel".

onewhostrives said...

Love it! May God grant you a great heritage of lyrics.

onewhostrives said...

oh, and greyfalcon was me, just as onewhostrives is. -Carlan